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Spirtitual Regression / Life between Lives

Untill very recently you had to go to the US to make a spiritual journey: to discover the Life of your Soul between two lives! But now you can have your Spriritual Regression in the Netherlands, at 50 km from Amsterdam. Drs. Lowie de Bie will be your guide.

Spiritual Regression has been developed by dr. Michael Newton,

He regressed 8000 clients and outlined a map of the Life between death and rebirth. A journey to this wonderful world is not only very interesting, exciting and a best possibility to get to know your Self and Soul, it is also very therapeutic. Dr. Newton wrote two bestsellers about this topic: "Journey of Souls", "Destiny of Souls" and "Life Between Lifes, Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression".

Michael D. Newton, Ph.D

In 2004 Michael Newton came to Holland. During an intensive course a number of past life therapists from all over the world were trained by Michael Newton and his staff. And I was one of them! Since then a lot of clients from all over Europe came to my practice to experience the impact and beauty of our Life between lives! They met their Soulmate, their Soulgroup, the Counsel of Elders and came to know their purpose on earth. It was a thrilling experience, that they will never forget.
Take your chance and have a session at All-1 in Monster, The Netherlands.

A session lasts 3 - 5 hours. It is possible to split this session in two (i.e. two consecutive days or one part in the morning, the other in the afternoon / evening)

Sessions will be held in English, German or Dutch. Louis de Bie

You'll find us in a place called Monster, a few kilometers south of The Hague and about 50 km from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)  Here is a small map.
Hotels and boarding houses are available within 1 km. We can make arrangements for you.

Drs. Lowie de Bie


You can call, fax or e-mail. You also can ask for information using this form.
Martinus Dorpiusstraat 2
2671ES Naaldwijk
tel. +31.174289711
fax. +31.174289470

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